Bucknell University Farm lays its first seed

LEWISBURG – Garlic was the first food crop planted on a patch of land on the southwest corner of Bucknell University. The planting took place at the Farm Sustainability Festival Wednesday, commemorating the opening of the Bucknell University Farm.

Jen Schneidman-Partica, coordinator of the farm, says this project has been a long time coming, “This is a project that’s been talked about for about a decade, but now we are actually starting the farm, and working to plant cover crops, and prepare the soil for next spring’s planting of vegetables.”

In addition to vegetable crops, Schneidman- Partica says they have a shed there, and are designing an outdoor classroom and fruit orchard as well. Schneidman- Partica told WKOK that the produce from the farm will be used in the Bucknell cafeterias, “You can imagine, students involved with growing produce on the farm, showing up in the cafeteria and seeing a dish that’s labeled ‘such and such with Kale from the farm,’ and they can feel that sense of pride that they were involved with something so essential as making food.”

So, what are they actually planting and when will they harvest? “A wide variety of vegetables, and we’ll also be planting some fruit trees, but the vegetables that we’d be planting in the spring, those would be harvested over the course of the next growing season. So we should see food in the cafeteria spaces as early as fall of 2019,” she said.

Schneidman- Partica tells us that there will be no competing with local farms, and that any extra crops will be donated, “Because the farm has developed out of the work that we’ve been doing with the Lewisburg Community Garden, that community garden has developed a relationship with about 11 different organizations in the local area that give out food to people. Any surplus food that comes out the farm we can donate to any of those organizations.”

The event to celebrate the opening of the farm was held during the Farm Sustainability Festival at Bucknell University on Wednesday, October 17th.

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