Bucknell graduate recounts horror witnessing Las Vegas shooting

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NEW JERSEY – A Bucknell graduate who witnessed the mass shooting in Las Vegas shared her story with WKOK. Meghan Kavalus, a 2000 Bucknell graduate, was inside the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino Resort at the time the shooting took place Sunday night. She was at Mandalay Bay on business, about 10 floors up from the shooter.


Kavalus tells us she was on a balcony taking pictures of colleagues when they suddenly heard gunfire. She then got to a corner inside with a young boy behind a coach. SWAT team members had then descended into the room where Kavalus was, but she thought they were shooters at the time, “We were shaking, and I swear to you in that moment, for a good minute, I literally thought to myself, holy cow, like this could be it, I could die right now.”


The hotel remained on lock down until 9 a.m. Monday morning. In the aftermath, Kavalus had talked to a friend, who was hiding in a different part of the hotel at the time of the shooting, “They were in a smaller room with a bartender they heard people screaming and they literally felt, we’re on the 41st floor, and the shooter is only 11 floors below, they literally felt and heard, the shooting happening, with the vibrations below the floor.”


After reaching home in New Jersey, Kavalus says everything she witness is just starting to sink in, “Like I literally just want to get coffee this morning, and they asked ‘What would you like?’ and I know it what’s wrong of me, but I was stumbling with all my words. If I wasn’t at this meeting, I could have been walking outside, right on the block right there. I think it’s just starting to hit me and I just feel horrible for the people in trauma centers. There’s just no words.”


59 people were killed, including gunman Steven Paddock who took his own life, while over 400 were injured.  You can hear more of her interview and see video she shot, posted at WKOK.com.


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