Parents lament MASD’s 7-2 vote to close Montandon Elementary School

MILTON – The Milton Area School Board voted 7-2 Tuesday night to close the Montandon Elementary School. The students will attend Baugher Elementary School this fall. School board president David Edinger talked to WKOK after the vote, “I think the board has talked about it for years. I think this year; we had hired an architect to look at buildings.”


“We also looked at our numbers… how many students we have because of declining enrollment in Milton. And I think that was some of the leading causes to look at… perhaps we can do some combinations and save some dollars, and not impact education at all,” he said.


District Superintendent Dr. Cathy Keegan, “In the last six months or so, I think starting in February, we had our first meeting, that we presented data to the board because they asked for consideration of what the future of Montandon would look like based on enrollment, faculty, all those factors. And then we continued moving through the required Pennsylvania School Code process through the public hearing and giving the community the opportunity to speak.”


Parent, Mike Medley has one child enrolled in the district, who is going in to third grade. He says he is disappointed, “I feel like it’s not just about the money because I would absolutely weigh myself on education over saving a couple thousand dollars. The community, the safety, it’s just disheartening, these decisions that are made for the children of our future and our community.


The move will transition approximately 130 students and six faculty members from Montandon Elementary to Baugher Elementary. That will bring the number of students at Baugher Elementary to over 600. The official closing date of Montandon Elementary school is June 30th.


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