BOP inmate moved to FCC Allenwood tested for COVID-19

ALLENWOOD – Republican U.S. Congressman Fred Keller (R-12th, Kreamer) is again calling on the Federal Bureau of Prisons to stop transferring more federal inmates into The Valley. The congressman wants the feds to stop transferring inmates from areas heavily infected with the coronavirus, into federal prisons in our area.


Congressman Keller says he sent another letter to the B-O-P after he learned an inmate that was moved to one of the Allenwood prisons had to be tested for COVID-19.  The prison bureau has previously indicated they reserve the right to transfer inmates as they see fit.


In a release, Keller says 32 inmates were airlifted from Oklahoma City to Harrisburg, and then bused to the federal prisons at Allenwood. Keller says two inmate had coronavirus symptoms, and one was taken to Geisinger for testing.


Keller says his office also learned it’s standard operating procedure for inmates to be moved from detention facilities in other parts of the U.S. to the prison complex at Allenwood. Congressman Keller says all this ‘disturbing and unacceptable’ and he calls for the transfers to be halted.

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