Booming business this year at Buffalo Valley Recreation Authority

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LEWISBURG – Already enjoying a busy summer at the pool, thanks to weeks of above average temperatures, the Buffalo Valley Recreation Authority is now seeing a spike in interest in one of their programs, “Everybody’s been watching the Olympics, on TV and gymnastics are a huge popular event, and so we always see a little bit of an upturn in gymnastics classes.”


Stacey Sommerfield, executive director of the BVRA, tells us those classes will fill up fast, so she recommends interested people sign up now, “If you have a kid that is interested in gymnastics and have been watching the Olympics. We are starting a new session at the end of August, it’s our fifth session of the year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start then. We’ll have lots of beginners starting in that session.”


Additionally, she said there is one inherent advantage to some of the some of the sports they offer at BVRA, “The other great part about our Introduction to Gymnastics program, there’s not a lot of expensive equipment to buy. It’s not like some other sports where you have to buy a lot of equipment. We just allow beginners to come in, wear comfortable clothes, t-shirts and shorts, and just give it a try.”


In other BVRA news, the Lewisburg pool’s last weekday is Tuesday (8/24), but they will be open on weekends until September 4. The pool season ends with the annual doggie dips September 9-11. More information about BVRA at Sommerfield was on a recent addition of WKOK Sunrise.

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