Bear will to be moved from the Union County Sportsman Club

Photo courtesy PETA

MIFFLINBURG – The morbidly obese Asiatic black bear, reportedly suffering from dental disease, will be moved from the Union County Sportsman Club grounds. PETA tells us the U.S. Dept. Of Agriculture has issued a statement indicating that Dillan will be transferred next week, and the club has apparently agreed.


The move will take place next Thursday, which indicated the catalyst of Alec Baldwin’s letters to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf helped expedite the move. PETA is optimistic about this news, but will continue fighting for Dillan until it knows he has been safely moved.


The bear is caged in a chain link pen with a concrete floor and a small hut for a den, and various reports said he was fed scraps from the club’s restaurant.


Actor Alec Baldwin, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has been leading the fight, claiming Dillon is suffering from obesity and a dental disease. Club officials said the bear is fine and have refused to meet with PETA.


Baldwin said he has secured placement for him at The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado. The sanctuary has also offered to transport Dillon and provide him with lifelong care at no cost to the current owners.


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