Attorney: Wood-Mode didn’t pay former employee’s taxes


KREAMER – Another set of investigations could be coming against the former Wood-Mode owners, this time for not paying a former employee’s taxes. Sunbury Attorney Joel Wiest tells us he just learned from a former employee was contacted by the Statewide Tax Recovery. Wiest said it was reported Wood-Mode was not paying for that former employee’s school district, city, or county taxes, which were garnished from his check.


Wiest says he has already contacted the state Attorney General’s office about this, plus State Representative Lynda Schlegel Culver (R-108th, Sunbury). Wiest says he’s also going to ask Statewide Tax Recovery to hold off on anything else with that former employee until the situation is resolved. Wiest is unsure if any other former employees have received this or they may have yet to receive it. He says this particular situation could’ve been an oversight, but if more than one person is involved, than it has to be criminal.


This comes after it was discovered the former Wood-Mode owners allegedly stopped providing health insurance funds to former employees. Wiest, Culver and other legislators met with the AG’s office last week about any pending investigation into the former Wood-Mode owners.

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