American Legion Post 201 teen suicide town hall Monday Sunbury

Dick Simpson and Earl Bennett join WKOK’s Sunrise to discuss teen suicide

NORTHUMBERLAND – The problem of teen suicide is getting worse and the whole community is going to have to get involved to solve it…so said two leaders of the American Legion in Pennsylvania, Dick Simpson and Earl Bennett.  They were on our Sunrise program to discuss the work being done to prevent teen suicide.

Bennett first talked about an upcoming event, “We are going to, for the first time to the best of my knowledge, host  a town hall forum on January 6th for teen suicide prevention.”  The Teen Suicide Town Hall forum will be at American Legion Post 201 on Market Street in Sunbury Monday, January 6 at 7pm. The panel will include physicians, students and guidance counselors.

Simpson told us, this is just one of the many things they do for young people, including various programs and scholarships,  “We have so many programs, and some of the programs have scholarship money with them. I know the girl that won the state title ended up with $18,000 in scholarship money before it was all said and done.”

Simpson is the American Legion of Pennsylvania District 17 commander and is very active at the American Legion post 44 near Northumberland. Bennett is a District 17 deputy commander and is chaplain of the American Legion Post 201 in Sunbury. You can hear their entire interview by going to the podcast page on

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