All you wanted to know about surgery and weight loss

SUNBURY – As we enter the second month in the New Year, many people may be struggling with their resolutions to get healthier and lose weight. Some of us may need more than just diet and exercise to achieve our goals.


Dr. David Parker is a bariatric surgeon at Geisinger, and he was on WKOK Sunrise discussing surgical options for those in need of such help, “Bariatric surgery really is a group of surgeries that are aimed at weight loss and improvement of obesity related problems.”


He says bariatric surgery usually isn’t discussed with a patient until their BMI (Body Mass Index) reaches a level of 40 or above, or 100 pounds or more overweight and there are other issues such as severe diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension.


Dr. Parker says the most widely known bariatric surgery is known at the Gastric Bypass, “We make a small pouch, we staple off the very top part of the stomach, create essentially a fairly small stomach, and then we bypass the remainder of that stomach and the first portion of the small intestine.”


He says the Gastric Bypass is one of a few different surgical options. The preparation for such surgeries could take up to 6 months, “You’ll work along with a nutritionist to start working on your diet in advance cause it’s really a lifelong change, so they’ll help you start working on making those changes.”


Dr. Parker also says there are physiological preparations before any of these surgeries as well.

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