Albright Care Services could join forces with another nonprofit


LEWISBURG – A longtime senior care organization around here could be joining forces with a comparable Maryland nonprofit group. A spokesperson for Albright Care Services in Lewisburg tells us they are working through details to join with Asbury Communities of Frederick Maryland.  The state Attorney General’s Office must review the plans.


Albright says Asbury Communities is a leader in the long-term care services market, and the move would be beneficial locally. They say, for both organizations, the move would bring opportunities for growth and sharing of services.


Albright says it began discussions about a month ago, and the AG’s office has up to 90 days to finish its review, a decision could come down between now and the end of the year.

The spokesperson at Albright tells us they will be prepared to talk more about working with Asbury after a ruling from the AG’s office.

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