After counties move into the green phase, what is next? 

HARRISBURG – Some area counties are preparing to move into the green phase Friday.  But, what is the next step, with coronavirus cases continuing to rise?  Governor Tom Wolf says for now, this is the new normal.

Gov. Wolf explained, “The hope is, we will get a vaccine or therapies.  Companies are talking about working feverishly to develop therapeutics to address the needs here. We are all waiting and there is a lot of uncertainty.”

Wolf added there are still many more challenges ahead, including not having enough testing, “I think we have bought time, which was the idea of what we have done over the past two months. We bought time to allow our health care systems to develop the capacities they need.  As to what the future beyond green holds at this point, I think we are all still working.”

Dr. Rachel Levine, secretary of the state department of health, says precautions will not change anytime soon, “We expect for the foreseeable future that we will recommend that people wear masks when they are outside, and continue to practice social distancing.  And, just be careful about their exposure to this respiratory virus.”

You can hear more from Governor Tom Wolf and Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine from Wednesday’s update here. 

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