African American woman CPA hopes to bring experience to AG’s office

HARRISBURG – The upcoming race for state Auditor General has a unique candidate running on the Democratic ticket…the only African American woman candidate who is a Certified Public Accountant. Tracie Fountain has announced her candidacy for state’s fiscal watchdog position, after serving 29 years with the Auditor General’s Department.


She says her experience in the department and the fact she’s a CPA makes her a qualified candidate, especially since there have been staff cuts in the department, “At this time, you need someone with the knowledge that I have to keep the audits going with such a small staff, and do those duties and responsibilities myself in addition to serving as that elected official to communicate with Pennsylvanians.”


Fountain resigned in September 2019 in order to run for the office. During her time in the Auditor General’s office, Fountain served as Bureau Director for five different audit bureaus.


She says one of her main priorities is looking at savings for tax payers when it comes to the state’s criminal justice system, “I’ve been thinking about how I can possibly take a look at that system, in terms of seeing if there’s any savings for tax payer dollars if there were some changes that could be made. That’s something that’s never come up before.”


Fountain knows having quick and transparent communication with taxpayers is critical, “I would definitely work on that by implementing working with the Bureau Directors to implement certain types of risk-based auditor approaches that I’ve done in the bureaus that I’ve had, in addition to doing a lot of community outreach, in terms of town hall meetings and things of that nature.”


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