Adam Catlin given new power chair from Luzerne Co. company

MIDDLEBURG – The now widely known Walmart greeter and soon-to-be self-checkout host Adam Catlin now has greater mobility in life, thanks to a Luzerne County company. Adam’s mom, Holly Catlin, tells WKOK he received a new power chair from Quantum Mobility in Duryea, Luzerne County.


Holly tells us the company’s owner and COO saw Adam’s story and wanted to help him. She says the family is “totally floored” and Adam is very excited and is now learning how to use the new chair.


The new chair elevates, and will now allow Adam to be at eye-level with people when he greets customers. The new chair also has the ability to travel 10 miles on battery power, which also allows Adam to go outside at home more often.


Adam starts in his new position as a self-checkout host April 27. Adam was unable to perform new duties of the newly created ‘host’ position, which threatened his job security.

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