Active shooter drills at Lewisburg schools coming up


LEWISBURG – A Valley school district is beginning proactive measures to prepare its students in case of an active shooter situation. In a letter from Superintendent Dr. Steven Skalka, the Lewisburg Area School District announced Friday active shooter training will take place in all schools beginning September 25.


Dr. Skalka says each building administrator and one other staff member at each building have become certified ALICE trainers. ALICE is the No. 1 acticve shooter civilian response training for all organizations. Dr. Skalka says school principals and teachers will work in ways that inform and not frighten students in order to carry out strategies to keep them safe.


He says these drills beginning at the end of the month will be part of a quarterly exercise. Drills will take place at Linntown Elementary, and the middle and high schools September 25.


Because of the age of students at Kelly Elementary, the drill will take place one grade level at a time between September 25 and 28. That so additional staff can be on hand to support the youngest students.


Dr. Skalka says parents with questions should contact their child’s principal.

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