A section of Sunbury’s flood control levee will be raised

SUNBURY  – A section of Sunbury’s flood control levee is about to get about taller. Dan Ramer, Sunbury Municipal Authority General Manager  said a short section of the earthen levee, not far from Second and Front Streets, will be raised about eight inches.


He said the change comes after the federal government made some measurements, “There was a recent study done by FEMA, they did some elevations and determined where water is now going to be during certain (flood) events. They determined that we will need to add some elevation on the southern part of the levee system.”


Ramer said when there are additional flood control methods undertaken upstream, then flood control projects downstream have to prepare for more water. Sunbury’s flood wall was raised about a foot taller in recent years. Ramer said people will see about 1,200 feet of levee elevated, “I don’t think they’ll see a whole lot other than some dirt being brought in, some gravel being brought in, and basically putting it on an eight inch layer on top of the existing levee.”


Ramer said the cost will be in the $35-45,000 range and the authority should be able to complete the work with their existing and other outside crews. No time frame for starting that Sunbury flood levee elevation project is known.  Ramer made this comments during a wide ranging exit interview, prior to his retirement from the authority. You’ll hear the entire interview in the weeks ahead.


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