UPDATE: Disabled Walmart greeter talks to WKOK, meets with local Walmart management

HUMMELS WHARF – Shoppers at Selinsgrove Walmart for the last 10 years have been greeted by a local man named Adam, who has a disability. But due to new job requirements for his “greeter” position beyond his capabilities, Adam Catlin could be losing his job.  Adam’s sister, Amber Piermattei, tells us she and Adam did talk to the Selinsgrove Walmart Manager Wednesday afternoon, but she says he didn’t have  many answers or solutions. She says she felt the meeting was held  “just to satisfy the media and nothing else.” Piermattei says the company did tell them it does offer severance if Adam leaves.

Adam, who has cerebral palsy, tells WKOK he found out this past weekend, “On Saturday, they pulled me into the manager’s office and said the job code would be changing. When I first found out, it was kind of a shock. I didn’t see it coming.”

In a Facebook post, Adam’s mother, Holly, expressed disappointment of not being notified prior to that meeting.

Adam’s current unstable job security has added more difficult to his family, after his sister suddenly died recently and his father was also recently hospitalized. Piermattei says its been a challenging time, but the family is grateful for the community support, “Given the events of the past six weeks, my sister passed away suddenly, our family has just been going through so much. But we’ve gotten so much support from the community both with my sister’s death and now this. As hard as each situation is, its heartwarming to see people come together to support our family and for Adam.”

Piermattei says Adam has received numerous offers from other local businesses, should he be let go from Walmart. But she says Adam’s main goal is to keep his position at Walmart. Adam hopes sharing his story will change management’s mind to let him keep his job, “Hopefully they let me sit down, because right now I sit down to do the job, and I think I should be able to sit down and do what I always did. I like to meet the people and work with my fellow associates, so I guess that’s what drives me to go to work everyday.”

Walmart tells us the change to “hosts” started more than two years ago, and despite this situation, the company still says they will support displaced associates as they consider other open options in the store and those in nearby locations.

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