A legacy of the Corbett administration—fewer road projects


SUNBURY – You might remember Pennsylvania’s gasoline tax increase of a few years ago and the promised $30-billion dollars in transportation projects…it turns out, only about $24-billion will be spent, and a lot of local projects will be delayed.

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PennDOT secretary Leslie Richards tells the Associated Press, that then Governor Tom Corbett asked for more than $6-billion more than the legislature eventually approved, so many promised projects, won’t take place.

PennDOT District 3 spokesman Dave Thompson tells WKOK, Sec. Richards told them, “The revenue that was expected from Act 89, is not what was expected. The fact is, the revenue that we expected isn’t there.”

In theValley, about half of the road and bridge projects that were going to be funded, won’t be, so he said they’ll have to pick-and-choose, “The fact is, the money, the revenue we expected isn’t there, so we need to prioritize the projects that we are looking forward to.”

He said the most important projects will go forward, including construction of the Central Susquehanna Valley Thruway Project, and a major rebuilding of Route 11 and Route 147 in Northumberland in 2017.


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