911 Center Director weighs in on bus crash response



SUNBURY — After the dramatic bus crash on Interstate 80 in Liberty Township, Montour County that left 16 people injured on Monday, Brett Hunsinger, Director of Columbia/Montour County 911 Center, commented on the first major crisis the center has had to respond to since the merger.


Hunsinger told WKOK what the process is for an incident like this one, “We turned out the dispatches to the emergency services in just under a minute and get everybody on the way considering the fact of the amount of possible casualties, we reached out to the bordering jurisdictions for additionally immense response”


Hunsinger, whose response center has faced some criticism since the merger, says the response time was exactly where it should be given the scope of the accident, “Given the demographics of our county being predominantly rural, we did have an appropriate response for the area, to come take care of the people.”


Hunsinger asserts that claims of the response center having issues with calls is across the board false, “We haven’t had any problems doing dispatches and getting calls out to the proper agencies, even after the merger.”


The bus crash took place May 21 around 5:45am, and 16 people were injured. Ambulances from Danville, Bloomsburg, Millville, Elysburg, Sunbury and Berwick, and Valley Township fire department responded.

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