Professor: Today’s students not getting enough 9/11 education

SUNBURY — Today marks the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks that changed America’s history.

But Dr. Alexander Riley, Professor of Sociology at Bucknell University, was on WKOK’s “On The Mark” and fears the current generation may not know enough about it, “Every year I’m more and more startled by how little students know about the attacks and how little they know about the overall meaning of those attacks in the frame work of contemporary American history.”

Dr. Riley says the media and many others are to blame for why the young generation doesn’t know the significance of 9/11, “The number of other institutions including educational institutions and including every older American who knows something about this who for whatever reason just doesn’t communicate it to younger folks.”

Dr. Riley explains how he engages students in this subject and how it’s set apart from other American tragedies like Pearl Harbor and the JFK assassination, “None of them were captured in the live video sense that 9/11 was captured. So there’s just a huge amount of video material, young students respond particularly well to that kind of information because they were raised in a culture where that stuff is Omni present.”

Meanwhile, the Northumberland American Legion Post 44 is holding their annual 9/11 rememberance service tonight at 7pm at King Street Park in Northumberland.


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