85th District write-in candidate says his campaign is not manipulated

SUNBURY – Clair Moyer, Republican write-in candidate for the upcoming 85th District special election, didn’t hold back when responding to criticism about his campaign. On WKOK’s On The Mark, Moyer had this to say to GOP candidate David Rowe, after he claimed Moyer’s campaign is being manipulated by Democrats, “To Mr. Rowe, the only thing I have to say to him, ‘Little boy, if you want to make some sort of derogatory remark to me, say it to my face, so I can at least teach you some respect.’” Rowe said Moyer was an elderly war veteran being propped up by democrats.


Moyer says he’s always made his own decisions, including hiring Democrat Chip Facka as his campaign manager, “This is a decision solely made on my own, based on what occurred at the conference that night. Yes, I contacted my long-time friend, and yes, he happened to be a Democrat, and he’s paid a price for helping me out.”


Moyer says he brought in Facka because of his expertise, “I knew he could set me in the right direction and make sure I’m doing this right, not going down a path blindly. He’s had a long history of experience in the political fields.”


Moyer says his positions are not very different from typical Republicans, such as being pro-life and is for open government. He says if elected, taking better care of farmers would be a top priority. Hear more of Moyer’s recent On The Mark appearance on the WKOK Podcast page, or visit WKOK on Google Play or Apple Podcasts and subscribe and all three candidates will be on Monday’s On The Mark program.

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