Dr. Levine: COVID app keeping track of virus cases in Pennsylvania

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Where people go before they have coronavirus symptoms

HARRISBURG–  Once a person has symptoms of coronavirus, it’s important to determine where they have been and might have spread the virus.  PA’s Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine says if you are infected, answering the state’s questionnaire is important as is using the new COVID PA app:

“The app is really a very important tool to assist in our case investigation and contact tracing process so that we can work to contact all individuals who have been exposed to a case,” Levine said.

A data point the state health department is monitoring is the number of people who were at a business or large gathering within 14 days before they had COVID-19 symptoms.  The state reports that 55 percent reported they went to a restaurant,  13 percent to a bar, eleven percent to a gym, seven percent to a salon or barber, and 26 percent to another business establishment.

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