Snyder County business may be eligible for $25,000 CARES grants

Snyder County announces Small Business COVID Relief grants

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MIDDLEBURG – Snyder County Commissioners recently announced the Snyder County COVID-19 Pandemic Disaster Relief grants, distributing up to $1.3-million to small businesses, municipalities, and nonprofit organizations.

County Commissioner Chairman Joe Kantz admits the county is behind other counties in the Valley who have already offered this type of program, “We were trying to do some other projects and realized that some of those did not qualify, some did qualify. We had the luxury of having many of our other surrounding counties do this before we did, so we were able to use much of what they had already done and save the time and effort.”

Kantz says there’s a separate application for each of the entities eligible to apply, but applicants should pay close attention to the guidelines, “I know we’ve had some already apply and obviously it’s frustrating, as commissioners as well, when we have small business folks especially those that are self-employed with a small business that may not qualify due to some of the federal regulations that are attached. And, we surely understand that frustration but at the same time, we have to meet those guidelines.”

Kantz says grants of up to $25,000 will be available, and they will be working with SEDA-COG on the review process, “Once we have that stamp of approval on that application, then we’ll look at all the applications, look at the needs and then try and decipher how much money we’ll be able to give out to each of those grant applications. If there’s money leftover at the end, we may do a second round.”

Grant information can be found at and applications  are due by Friday, October 2.

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