Immune boosting tips from Weis Markets as we head into the winter

A food forward approach from Weis Market to build your immune system

SUNBURY – As we head into the fall and winter and the pandemic continues, many people are looking for ways to boost their immune systems. Lifestyle Initiative Manager for Weis Markets, Beth Stark, says while supplement purchases are increasing, they look to a food oriented approach, “Your immune system is well-equipped to protect your body against invaders, so there’s no one single thing that will make a difference as your immune system is a complex system with many working pieces. Anything within your body will work better when your immunity is at its highest level.”

Stark says there are also certain vitamins that play a key role, including vitamin C, “Notable, of course, citrus. Strawberries, red bell pepper, and kiwi. Vegetables like broccoli, bell peppers, spinach, and tomatoes are also very high in vitamin C. So this one is again, the most well known really, when it comes to immune support and it supports various cell functions within your body.”

She says vitamin A is another important one, “And this is really found in those orange fruits and vegetables, so like sweet potatoes, mango, again citrus. Some others including spinach, salmon, dairy products, fortified cereals, and also some yellow fruits and vegetables too.”

Stark was joined by Registered Dietitian Kathryn Long on a recent WKOK Sunrise program. Long added that foods to improve gut health and include fiber and probiotics are also a priority when strengthening your immune system. You can hear their full interview on the WKOK podcast page.

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