Lewisburg votes to start school September 9th and 10th

LEWISBURG – After a discussion about the pros and cons, the Lewisburg Area School District Thursday night voted to delay the start of their school year. Classes were scheduled to start next Thursday, August 20, but some will now start September 9—more than two weeks later. Concerns about the coronavirus were at the center of the discussion.

There is a staggered start to the school year:

The 2020-2021 school calendar (click here for a PDF) was revised with a new start date for students depending on grade.

Wednesday, September 9: First student day for grades Pre-K, K,  4, 6, and  9.

Thursday, September 10: First student day for grades 1-3, 5, 7-8, and 10-12.

Friday, September 11: All students report for school as scheduled.

The vote was eight to one, with board member Lisa Clark voting no. The discussion was prompted by the state’s new listing that Union County has a ‘substantial’ outbreak of COVID-19 right now. While no new cases were reported in the county Thursday, there have been dozens of cases in previous reporting.

The district plans to meet five days a week, with Wednesdays a half day, with extra cleaning in the schools that day. The board said they’ll monitor new cases of COVID-19 before determining if schools will open, or they’ll revert to their hybrid or online plans.

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