Federal Bureau of Prisons say 43 Lewisburg inmates have COVID


WASHINGTON DC – The federal Bureau of Prisons now says there are 43 inmates at the Lewisburg penitentiary who have tested positive for COVID-19.  The prison system is also confirming what we told you over the weekend, that a few staffers at the prison have the disease.


New numbers from the BOP indicate 43 inmates are confirmed to have COVID-19.  An unknown number of tests are pending. The Bureau says all inmates are being treated at the prison and there have been no hospitalizations outside the prison.  As we reported earlier, there are prison staff with COVID; the BOP says one staffer has the disease and one other one has recovered.


At Allenwood, where the feds said one inmate and one staffer had COVID, they now say only one inmate has it, and their federal numbers no longer show that an Allenwood employee has or had the disease.

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