Two children hurt in a horse and buggy accident last week

MILLMONT – State police are out with details on a horse and buggy accident last Thursday in West Buffalo Township, Union County, they say at least two children were hurt.  The accident happened on Route 45 around 9:30pm at the intersection of Brethren Church Road.

Troopers say a 15-year-old from Millmont was driving the buggy on Brethren Church Road, they say he couldn’t get the horse to stop at the intersection with Route 45 and drove in front of a car on the highway.

The resulting collision with a car threw five people from the buggy onto the highway.  Two of the passengers, a nine year old, and a 13-year-old, were taken to hospitals—no medical or hospital reports on their injuries are available from Evangelical or Geisinger.

Troopers say a infant onboard the car involved, may have been hurt as well, but no further details are out on that…a ‘restraint systems’ violation was noted in the car, driven by Tyson Reiff of Millmont.

EDITORS ADDITION: The operator of the buggy, who isn’t identified because of his age, was cited by state police with a ‘Stop Signs and Yield Signs’ violation.

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