Sunbury Mayor Kurt Karlovich not seeking reelection next year

File photo Sunbury Mayor Kurt Karlovich

Sunbury Mayor Kurt Karlovich has announced he is not seeking reelection next year. He says civil service laws prohibit seeking election while in his current employment. Here is the mayor’s statement:

After giving serious thought, having discussions with my partner and review of current laws, makes today a very heavy day on my heart.

I am saddened to announce that I will not be seeking reelection as Mayor for the City of Sunbury in the coming 2021 election due to regulations of the Civil Service Act. If I were to seek reelection I would be terminated or forced to resign from my current Civil service employment position.

I am grateful to the community members for electing me their Mayor, supporting me along the way and allowing me to serve this great community for four years and to the exceptional public servants who have served and continue to serve on my staff. Achievements were the result of their talents and their tireless work and dedication for a better Sunbury.

Serving as Mayor for this great City has truly been an honor and pleasure. There is about a year and half left in my current term and I will continue to fight for the rights of all and for the prosperity of our great City for all who live in or visit. We have accomplished so much and there is still so much more to do.

I announce this now so that those within our community who want to enact a change and to keep Sunbury moving forward to have adequate time before the spring primary election to speak with the Northumberland County Board of Elections and myself about how to run for office. Let your voices be heard and put your name on the ballet. The Mayors position and two council member positions are up for election in 2021 in the City of Sunbury.

I encourage those who wish to serve this great City to apprise us of your vision for our area and the priorities you will dedicate your attention to. Strive to overcome intolerance, and recognize that only through mutual respect, rational discourse, and cooperation can we continue to build a stronger and lasting community while protecting the constitutional rights of all without discrimination.

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