Caution: Dr. Ryu, green doesn’t mean “We are in the clear”

DANVILLE – Geisinger’s president and CEO is concerned about the word “green”… and how some may interpret what “green” means.  Dr. Jaewon Ryu spoke about counties moving to green in Governor Tom Wolf’s phased reopening system during the coronavirus pandemic, saying, “I think the colors do make it simple, but I think sometimes green suggests we are all in the clear.”

Dr. Ryu said, “I think that is the one hesitation that I would have about the color green. While there is a lot of promising trends and the case counts generally are coming down, and you’ve heard us talk about that in terms of the patients in our hospitals, we are not out of the clear.”

Dr. Ryu said masks should still be recommended in the green phase, “I think the caution is still something that we need to emphasis with our communities and with everybody.  It is why we at Geisinger are still masking. That’s an important way to stay with the distancing efforts.”

He also reminds people to continue hand washing, avoiding large crowds and physical distancing.  You can hear more from Dr. Ryu on our WKOK Podcast page at

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