400 Evangelical Community Hospital employees furloughed


Some Evangelical Community Hospital employees furloughed
Some Evan employees furloughed after COVID-19 restrictions

LEWISBURG – Now that Evangelical Community Hospital has implemented new restrictions and postponed all elective surgeries, hundreds of hospital employees have been furloughed. Evangelical President and CEO Kendra Aucker says about 400 of 1,900 employees have been temporarily furloughed. She says these employees are under essential functions of the hospital, but not for a ‘crisis mode, “So data analytics, as an example…if you close down the OR, it affects the supply chain. You’re not coding as many cases and billing as many cases, because a significant part of your businesses has ceased. So its those kinds of systems.”

However, Aucker says the hospital will still help affected employees ‘bridge the gap’ for now,”We are continuing to pay for benefits at this point for the next six weeks, and we’re going to evaluate that on a consistent basis.”

Evangelical says as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, the workforce will be evaluated. The hospital says further decisions could be made regarding rolling out additional furloughs or hours of service adjustments for essential employees, based on patient need.

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