State troopers investigated crash with police car in Lewisburg

LEWISBURG – State police aren’t saying much about it, but they do say they investigated a crash involving a police car in Lewisburg recently.


Troopers say on Wednesday of this week, a police car, whose driver and department they will not disclose, was involved in a traffic stop around 7pm on Saint Anthony Street.  That’s when the cruiser was hit by a passing car.


They do say the motorist, Dylan Houseknecht of Middleburg, hit the rear drivers side  of the cruiser.  They say Houseknecht may have had injuries and that he was cited for not passing an active police scene cautiously.


Troopers are withholding all other details on the traffic stop, the driver, the police car and the department involved. We are trying to get more information on the officer, and possible injuries.

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