Transitions of PA: Progress to report in Shamokin, Sunbury

Susan Mathias talks about domestic abuse in the valley

SUNBURY – The Shamokin safe house, run by Transitions of PA, is up and running again. Susan Mathias said the fire was about a year ago, “Well we were shut down over a year after we had to rebuild after a terrible fire that happened. It was an electrical fault behind one plug and it burnt the first floor and the whole property had smoke damage. We had to renovate the entire thing.  It looks better than ever, and it’s a really warm and welcoming place for people escaping the trauma of abuse.”

She was on WKOK Sunrise recently and also discussed finding a great site and the opening of the Fairl Family Justice Center, “What happens very often at separation and divorce, which is a very tempestuous time, children get exposed to a lot of trauma. We decided we wanted to open the Custody Exchange and Visitation Center and found this perfect location in Sunbury. The First Reform Church and we have been working with them. We have fully renovated it. We are starting off with custody exchange initially, but we will move to visitation once the visitation rooms have been done.”

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