GSVCC head touts ‘sizzling economy’ after jobless rates falls lower

Good economic news bolsters chamber effort to promote growth

SUNBURY – The head of the Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce was all smiles Friday as the latest US jobless figures came out. Bob Garrett, president and CEO of the GSVCC was talking about low unemployment numbers, wage rates slowly recovering and he was talking to a company that will bring fifty ‘living wage’ jobs to Snyder County.

As for the 3.6% jobless rate, “This is a sizzling economy we have going here. 263,000 jobs is more than any of the economists I looked at yesterday were predicting.”  Garrett said the 62.8% labor participation rate was down slightly, but all sectors of the national and local economy were on solid ground and the rising wage rates were good news for workers.

OTM panelists interviews BrightFarms a spokeswoman who said they’ll start looking for 50 employees in July. To hear more from this discussion, check out Friday’s On The Mark podcast on our Podcast Page or visit WKOK on Google Play or Apple podcasts and subscribe.

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