5/31/16 & 6/2/16 Parts one and two, Caring for Kids at Shikellamy

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The Shikellamy Caring for Kids program began as a weekend food sharing ‘backpack’ program and has expanded to year-round assistance for hundreds of families in and around Shikellamy school district. We visited one of the packing days at Shikellamy High School and got an update on the the staff and volunteers preparing for summer.

Some of the people involved in the program include Kelley Rubendall, Matthew Mitchell, Pamela Barni, Jolene Dressler, Amy Grosser, Ruth Molina-Oyala, and Deb Heater. Many, many, more people are involved, have helped, supported and endorse the program. We spoke to some of the people in this interview. We begin by speaking to Mr. Mitchell.

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