$40 million in state funding earmarked for Dairy Industry and Food Security Relief

HARRISBURG – The state is looking to provide funding to support both the dairy industry and food security following months of uncertainty and loss from the COVID-19 pandemic.  The state announced the funding will be provided through the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act known as CARES.


Specifically, $15-million will provide an opportunity for dairy farmers to receive direct relief payments. In addition, $5-million will reimburse dairy farmers who participate in the Pennsylvania Agricultural Surplus System known as PASS, by donating excess dairy product to the state’s charitable food system.


Also, $15-million will go to the State Food Purchase Program, providing cash grants to counties for the purchase and distribution of food to low income individuals.  And $5-million will go the PASS program to reimburse the agricultural industry for the costs involved in harvesting, processing, packaging and transporting food that they donate to the charitable food system.


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