12th District candidates call OTM to debate Social Security issue


SUNBURY – The race for the 12th US Congressional District heated up Friday morning as the Democratic candidate from State College, Mark Friedenberg, called into WKOK On The Mark, to defend his position on Social Security after being criticized by his opponent’s campaign.

Listen to Friday’s program here, the candidates call near the end of the program, at about 59-minutes in

Friedenberg, a professor at Penn State, says Keller wants to privatize Social Security which would lead to deep cuts to the program, “We can’t have cuts to the program, we can’t be raising the age for retirement. We need to look at how can we get the wealthiest Americans to start paying their fair share. Right now, their paying a smaller percentage into Social Security than the rest of us, and that’s gotta change.”


Republican nominee and current State Representative Fred Keller (R-85th, Kreamer) then called in to respond, and stated his position, “Social Security is something people earned, period. They paid for it, we need to make sure that it’s for them when they retire, that’s my position.”


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