12-year-old Selinsgrove journalist confronts Arizona marshal

PATAGONIA, AZ – An increasingly well-known 12-year-old Selinsgrove journalist made national news after she confronted an Arizona marshal while covering a news story Monday. The Washington Post reports Hilde Lysiak was stopped by town marshal Joseph Patterson in Patagonia, Arizona while she was chasing down a tip. The Washington Post says Patterson allegedly threatened to throw her in juvenile jail.


He also falsely claimed it would be illegal for Lysiak to film him and publish video on the internet. Lysiak still posted the exchanged on YouTube and her own newspaper she started in Selinsgrove, the Orange Street News. That prompted Patagonia officials to discipline Patterson.


Lysiak’s father, who’s also a journalist, did not tell The Washington Post what brought his daughter to southern Arizona. Lysiak first made a name for herself in 2016 when she was nine-years old after being the first to report on a Selinsgrove murder.

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